Running Evaluation

Running Evaluation New York City

 What coach, athlete, or any person for that matter, wouldn’t want the best results? Our system, Optojump, allows anyone to acquire the best. All you need is their specially designed transmitting and receiving bars to receive this optical measurement system. As soon as there is an interruption of the continuous communication between the two bars, it is recorded. The system is able to calculate any duration of time making it possible to measure any level of performance.

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Optojump System

Optojump offers a film system that involves different cameras that capture the movement involved in each calculation recorded making each comparison perfect. These quick and accurate results give anybody the courage, strength, and “optimism” to stay motivated and reach ultimate progression. Whether to compare an athlete’s performance over a period of time or compare his/her performance with other athletes, you will get the most accurate results you could want. Optojump offers a variety of systems for you to choose from to assist in this accuracy.

Single Jump Meter

The Single Meter allows anyone to acquire jumping, reaction, and running test results.
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This system allows us to obtain:

•flight times
•reaction time to a sound/visual impulse
•contact times
•elevation of center of gravity
•specific power
•energy expended

This Single Meter Allows

Evaluation of force, tolerance, posture, and technique. The Modular System allows anyone to acquire walk, run, and specific movement test results. It allows you to obtain:
•exact and average acceleration
•exact and average speed stride angle
•step length
•the time taken
•the imbalance indexThis system is easy to put together, offering an even better comparison of results of normal situations with those of stressful situations.

Testing on a Treadmill

When you put the Optojump on the sides of a treadmill you can obtain a variety of results such as:
•Swing Phase
•Single Support
•Stance phase
•Total Double Support
•Step Time
•Terminal Double Support
•Step Length
•Initial Double Support
•Gait cycle
•Stride Length
•Total distance
•Contact Phase
•Propulsive phase
•Flat FootThe System on Treadmill offers results beyond one’s typical performance.

Organized Results

foot anatomy

The Optojump Next System separates its information into three categories: Athlete Data, which offers personal data and notes, Tests, which assists in designing new ways to test, and Results, which offers immediate feedback. This allows each athlete to gain very specific knowledge of his/her abilities, in order to assess and focus on the areas that need a little more work.
The Optojump Next System is ready to help you get started offering tutorials, classes, and support.If you are ready to assess your performance, physical condition, tolerance, and more, you are ready for Optojump!

Transportation and installation is as easy as one, two, three and can be set up before you can say Optojump. Optojump is designed for maximum performance, and just the help you need to get there. So how do you measure excellence to become the ultimate competition? Whether you are a coach, or athlete, let Optojump take you to a new level of performance!