Competitive Performance

Sports Chiropractor in New York City

Triumph Through Treatment

Dr. Paul Salinas is a certified Sports Chiropractor with extensive experience treating athletes for sports injuries and developing programs to optimize athletic performance through chiropractic principles.

Whether you are a competitive runner, triathlete, dancer, musician, or professional athlete, we offer solutions to help give you a competitive advantage.

We aim to help those whose lifestyles and livelihoods demand physical excellence. To stay competitive, you need to remain healthy and injury-free. However, injuries will occur and the decisions that you make to address them are crucial to determining the speed of your recovery. Much like our competitive patients, we strive to stay on top. By constantly studying and researching new ways to help our patients, our practice delivers the most modern methods of rehabilitation to help our patients return to the field of play as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive  Running Evaluations for athletes are available at Park Avenue Spine’s New York City offices.