Whiplash is the common name given to the injury where hyperextension (increased backward motion) and hyperflexion (increased forward motion) of the cervical (neck) spine has occurred. More simply, the head is dramatically thrust forward and backward. Car accidents and falls are the most common causes of whiplash injuries.



Symptoms of whiplash include headaches, visual disturbance, neck stiffness, restricted movement, jaw, shoulder, neck, or arm pain. These symptoms may or may not be felt immediately. It is estimated that most whiplash injuries are not felt for several hours, days, or in some cases, even months or years after an accident.

Even if you are not in pain following a whiplash incident, it is important to receive prompt attention to your injury, as the structural balance of your neck and spine is important to your health.


We can assist in your recovery by correctly adjusting your neck

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and/or spine so it has the chance to heal properly. In addition, we can recommend physiotherapy stretching and strengthening exercises, and natural anti-inflammatories to put you back on the road to good health.

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