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5 Benefits of Drinking More Water

Sep 22Comments

When the workday is dragging, you’re feeling tired, and the headache is kicking in, stop reaching for that cup of coffee or juice full of sugar.  What your body craves and all it needs to feel energized and ready to conquer your day is water. Water makes up 60% of our body and has the Read more

Back and Neck Pain, Chiropractic Care

Self-Cracking: Good or Bad? A Chiropractor’s Opinion

Sep 12Comments

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk, “cracking” your neck or back throughout the day? I find that once a person discovers this ability, they tend to make it a habit. The relief that one experiences when popping their spine may afford them a temporary reprieve from their daily aches and pains, but is Read more

pull-up, CrossFit, chinup

Some thoughts on CrossFit

Sep 10Comments

I encounter many CrossFit questions each day. My patients are curious about the safety and efficacy of the exercises and whether I recommend it. Over the past few years with the rising popularity of CrossFit, I’ve seen amazing body transformations. My brother loves CrossFit, and lost 30lbs in a short time from it. He, like Read more

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