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Calming the Mind & Body with Alternate Nasal Breathing

Aug 31Comments

by Dr. Brian LoTempio Did you know? The airflow through our nose alternates dominance between nostrils depending on the time of day. Each nasal cycle lasts for about 25 minutes-4 hours, and is powered by our autonomic nervous system. The presence of sympathetic (our Fight and Flight states) and parasympathetic (our Rest and Digest states) Read more

Optimizing Breathing with Awareness and Corrective Exercise

Aug 25Comments

Brian LoTempio, D.C. To be functional breathers (and movers), we must hold awareness of our rib cage, and torso, and be able to expand our rib cage in all three planes during each inhale. In a cyclical pattern, on each inhale, our lower rib cage and abdomen should rise/expand first, followed by our upper rib Read more

Experience Pain While Tying Your Shoes?

Jan 16Comments

Has tying your shoes become an arduous task? Here’s a test to check:  Kick off your shoes and sit down on a chair. Now reach down and put your shoes back on. Did you have to rotate your foot up when you reached down to tie your shoe? Did you hold your breath when reaching, Read more

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