Read testimonials from satisfied Park Avenue Spine patients.

Rachel K

Dr. Salinas is a wonderful chiropractor. He is very caring doctor, and his office has a great atmosphere. A+++


I moved to NY from the west coast three years ago and received pretty good chiropractic treatment when there. After receiving treatment from Dr Salinas, however, I have experienced the greatest improvement per session than any before. My neck is lighter and straighter, the tension is gone and I walk out of there like I’m floating every time I leave his office. One of the most valuable aspects of Dr Salinas though is how easy going he is and how comfortable I feel when he treats me, like he’s family. And his ability to observe where the problem lies, diagnose and handle it is amazing. He explains it to you too, so that you understand it. Thanks, Dr!


Dr. Salinas is fantastic! He keeps my back healthy and pain free, and also fixed a foot problem I had for 7 months that other doctors were not able to help me with. If you want great results see Dr. Salinas.


Medical doctors said I needed surgery for herniated disc L5-S1 causing painful sciatica. I am thrilled to report that as a result of my treatment with Dr. Paul Salinas, I am now pain free, and off all pain medication. Dr. Salinas is wonderful to work with as he is warm, friendly, and extremely caring. In addition, he does not over treat. He suggested I reduce my treatment with him and go to a gym to increase my physcial activity, a vital part for my recovery. (I joined a gym but choose to continue my weekly treatment regimen.) I also happen to know that he is a chiroprator’s chiroprator. I don’t think you could get a better reference than that. Thanks Paul for proving medical doctors wrong!


I wish I could give even more than 5 stars because Dr. Salinas is one that goes above and beyond. I have never been to a doctor that is so dedicated to his patients and career. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Salinas four years ago when I moved to New York City. At the time I was experiencing a lot of pain from my lower back, due to a herniated disc. It hurt me to even stand up, which as a teacher I did a lot through out the day. For the 3 years that I lived in the city Dr. Salinas was constantly trying new techniques and taking classes in order to find the best practices to help all of his practices. I had spinal decompression done under the care of Dr. Salinas and I was no easy patient. However, afterward I felt great I was able to run again, which I love to do, with out feeling intense amounts of pain. Then he started training to be certified to do ART, which continued to help my back even more. Sadly I had to move out of the city and leave the care of Dr. Salinas, but I continue to stay in touch, and make sure that I go in for a visit whenever I am in the city.


It only took 2 sessions for my terrible back pain to go away! Dr. Salinas is a young, passionate and dedicated doctor who will also teach you how to strengthen your body and prevent the pain to come back (you have to do your home exercises though; if you already got here, nothing is really easy!). In my case, he used a combination of chiropractic and active release techniques that is not often practiced in a regular chiropractic office. And, what I liked most about this experience, is that dr. Salinas positively concentrated on 'what to do to get better', as opposed of 'what not to do to avoid the pain' (of course there are still some common sense 'not to do's', but not so many)


Great chiropractic care! I’ve struggled with back pain for years (more than I can count) with herniated & bulged discs, sciatica, pinched nerves …. Dr. Salinas has been able to help me relieve my pain and improve my problems since I started working with him in 2008. Back issues can be difficult to manage but with the right doctor it makes all the difference. Best of all, Dr. Salinas really cares about his patients and helping them feel better. I highly recommend Park Avenue Spine and Dr. Salinas to help in treating what ails you!


I LOVE him. I had been going to another chiropractor & physical therapist & acupuncturist for months to treat my sciatica with no results! A friend recommended Dr. Salinas and in the short time since I have seen him my pain has is almost gone. He is very thorough and really good.

Robin J.

I have been experiencing lower back pain for a few years, had difficulty finding comfortable positons in which to sit and had been experiencing frequent headaches for at least a year. I could function fine, but I knew my body was not as comfortable as it should be. I was referred to Dr. Salinas’ office by my healthcare provider in early 2006,. Within 2 weeks, most of my pain went away. Over time, I have been able to visit the doctor less and less. Now I am much more comfortable on a daily basis and experience NO headaches. Also, because the doctor ensures that he takes the time to answer my questions and respond to my feedback about how I am feeling, I am much better educated about my spine!

Angela L.

I have been living with neck and back pain for approximately 5 years. It has interfered with my ability to sleep, sit comfortably at my computer, and has truly affected the quality of lmy life. For the past couple of years I was practically taking over-the-counter pain killers everyday of my life, just to be able to function. I suffered from fatigue, headaches, and stomach problems (probably related to taking too many medications). A friend referred me to Dr. Salinas to see if he could help me with my problems. I was a bit skeptical at first, not ever going to a chiropractor before, but I gave it a shot. After approximately 6 weeks of care, I finally began to feel better. No more neck and back pain, I can sleep through the night, and most of all I feel energetic and youthful again. I no longer need to take drugs, and my stomach actually has begun to feel better. Chiropractic really works!! Thank you Dr. Salinas.

Gus F.

I had sharp back pain in several areas for over 10 years, I remembered being in elementary school and feeling this pain. The pain would come and go, but in recent years it was constant and gradually getting worse. After seeing Dr. Salinas, within days I felt relief from my symptoms. Now, 3 months later, I feel no more pain. Its truly incredible!”

Catherine C.

“I was suffering from frequent headaches, approximately 3-4 times per week, for the past year or so. It was mostly caused by stress from work. After being treated by Dr. Salinas “my headaches have gone away and as an added bonus, i noticed that I rarely suffer from digestive problems anymore”.