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Some thoughts on CrossFit

Sep 10Comments

I encounter many CrossFit questions each day. My patients are curious about the safety and efficacy of the exercises and whether I recommend it. Over the past few years with the rising popularity of CrossFit, I’ve seen amazing body transformations. My brother loves CrossFit, and lost 30lbs in a short time from it. He, like Read more

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Knee Pain, Runners, Cylist

A Common Running Injury- Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Aug 29Comments

I see a lot of triathlon injuries as a New York City Chiropractor and I work with many triathletes to treat injuries or to help them prevent them in the first place. One of the top injuries that affects both runners and cyclists is Iliotibial Band Syndrome, also known as ITBS. The Iliotibial Band is Read more

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